For over 15 years our firm has been dedicated to providing superior counseling and litigation services in matters involving employment discrimination and harassment, sexual abuse, special education, and civil rights. Our lawyers are committed to providing the highest degree of legal representation and services to their clients.
Employment Law
At the law firm of Chackes Carlson, LLP, our experienced plaintiff’s lawyers are committed to fighting aggressively to obtain the best results for employees in a variety of workplace disputes.
Sexual Abuse Law
Chackes Carlson, LLP is recognized as the premier law firm in the St. Louis area for victims of childhood sexual abuse.

Practice Areas

Employment Law
- Workplace Discrimination and Harassment
- Retaliation and Whistleblower Protection
- Employment Contract & Severance Negotiations
- Non-Compete & Non-Solicitation Disputes
Sexual Abuse Law
- Churches
- Schools
- Family
- Community Organizations
Disability Law
Education Law
Civil Rights Law

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