October 3, 2016


In the case of Jane Doe 119 v. The Archdiocese of St. Louis, Archbishop Robert Carlson, and Father Joseph Jiang,  The Honorable Judge Steven Ohmer has determined that the case will be allowed to proceed to trial despite the Defendants’ attempts to avoid it.  The Archdiocese and the Archbishop  attempted to have the case rejected on summary judgment issues but failed.  The Judge determined that the law requires that Plaintiff receive her day in Court.

In this case, Jane Doe 119 was sexually molested by Father Joseph Jiang in 2012. As plaintiff’s attorneys argued in the court hearing in opposition to Defendants’ motion to have the case thrown out, at the time of the abuse, the Archdiocese and Archbishop had been warned that Fr. Jiang was dangerous, abusive, and had been living a double life. The Archdiocese and the Archbishop were further aware that Fr. Jiang had made a prior attempt to be alone with Plaintiff and her minor siblings.

According to one of Jane Doe’s attorneys, Nicole Gorovsky:  “The Archdiocese and Archbishop Carlson knew that Fr. Jiang was dangerous, yet they failed to stop him or warn parishioners of this dangerous man in their midst.  Plaintiff is happy that that she will get her day in Court.” Trial is scheduled for late March 2017 in Lincoln County, Missouri.

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Sex Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Mid-County YMCA

A lawsuit filed on February 5, 2013, accuses an unidentified male swim coach who worked at the Mid-County YMCA in Brentwood, of sexually abusing two students in the mid-1980s.  The suit was filed in St. Louis County Circuit Court. Lawsuit Petition Post-Dispatch Article  

Secret Boy Scout Child Abuse Files Released by Attorneys

“More than 1,200 formerly  secret Boy Scouts’ files detailing accusations of child sex abuse within the organization from 1965 to 1985 were published online Thursday by lawyers, who said they offered lessons in the battle against pedophiles.”  Attorneys from CCH represent victims of childhood sexual abuse throughout Missouri and Southern Illinois. http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/10/18/14539592-boy-scouts-release-secret-child-abuse-files-the-pain-and-the-anguish-of-thousands?lite

Missouri Supreme Court Accepts Case Of Wrongful HIV Disclosure By Quest Diagnostics

The Missouri Supreme Court granted our request to hear our client’s case against Quest Diagnostics, involving the disclosure of his HIV status.   Attorneys Ken Chackes and Bridget Halquist pursued the case through the Trial Court and Court of Appeals and are pleased to have the opportunity to argue to the Supreme Court for the protection […]

Missouri Supreme Court Allows Trial in Sex Abuse Case

The Missouri Supreme Court today upheld a favorable ruling in a sex abuse case, which will allow the case to go to trial.  Our client, known as John Doe MH, sued the Marianist Order for sexual abuse that occurred at St Mary’s High School in the 1980s.  The abuser was Brother William Mueller, who was […]

Federal Court Approves Settlement Improving Mental Health Services for Deaf

A federal judge in Missouri today gave final approval to a settlement in a class action lawsuit brought by Chackes, Carlson & Halquist, LLP, that promises to significantly improve the mental health services that the State of Missouri provides to deaf Missourians. The 35-page settlement results from the lawsuit filed in April of 2010 by […]

Workers Compensation retaliation lawsuit filed against Toyoda Gosai

Chackes, Carlson, & Halquist, LLP filed a workers compensation retaliation lawsuit against Toyoda Gosai on February 29, 2012, alleging that an eleven-year employee was subjected to a pattern of harassment and then fired three days after exercising her rights under Missouri Workers’ Compensation Laws, § Section 287.780, RSMo.  

Group seeks to block subpoena in Kansas City clergy abuse case

“It would severely damage SNAP’s ability to provide support for victims if victims aren’t able to come forward to speak in confidence,” – Ken Chackes

SNAP Director May Face Jail Time

“The leader of a St. Louis-based group fighting sexual abuse by priests is standing his ground and could face jail time for refusing to turn over documents to lawyers for the Catholic Church. The Missouri Supreme Court has ruled that the survivor’s network of those abused by priests, known as SNAP, has to turn over […]